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As part of its long-term strategy to diversify, NWK Limited decided to invest in a day-old broiler chick business. In this very competitive market NWK Limited managed to secure a supply agreement with one of the key role-players in the market. This agreement created stability that significantly increased the chances of success. This is how Opti Chicks was born.

The construction of the breeding farm and hatchery started in October 2008. On 1 October 2009 the first day-old broiler chick was sold. The breeding farm was built in the Ottosdal district and about 100 000 eggs are transported daily to the hatchery in Lichtenburg. With a total production capacity of 600 000 chicks per week, Opti Chicks not only fulfils its obligations to the supply agreement, but also produces chicks to growers in Lichtenburg and other surrounding areas. Opti Chicks is one of only a few non-integrated suppliers of day-old broiler chicks in South Africa and therefore does not compete with its customers in the market.

Thorough research ensures that our breeding farm and hatchery only use the best technology. Opti Chicks is convinced that it gives the company a cutting edge when it comes to product quality. Opti Chicks supplies Cobb 500 day-old broiler chicks to the market. Fertilised eggs are also available for sale to other hatcheries in South Africa and other African countries from time to time.

Over the past 30 years the Cobb 500 has been developed into a breed that is well known for its ability to produce cost effectively. A characteristic that is non-negotiable in today's market. Opti Chicks makes use of one of the most experienced veterinary services in the country. All the chicks that are being supplied to the market are currently disease free; this can, however, not be guaranteed over the long term. Proper biosecurity principles allow us to believe that we will be able to maintain our disease free status in the future and that will give our customers the advantage in the market. Opti Chicks' direct control over all breeder flocks ensures the traceability of every broiler chick sold to the market. In collaboration with Cobb SA we ensure that our customers receive the best technical advice and support.

Opti Chicks' knowledgeable personnel are committed to ensure the welfare of the poultry they work with on a daily basis. The company adheres to the code of conduct of the regulatory authority of the poultry industry at all times. We have furthermore committed ourselves to the safeguarding of the environment in which we operate.

Hat trick for Opti Chicks

Hat trick for Opti Chicks

This year Cobb SA rewarded Opti Chicks for their hard work for a third time since their origin during the nationwide Golden Comb Award ceremony. Representatives from the poultry industry and customers of Cobb SA were invited to a formal dinner, during which recognition was given to role-players in the broiler industry for their exceptional performance.

Read more about Opti Chicks’s award and other stories in the September 2013 issue of Koördinaat.

Modern technology increases capacity

At the end of 2012, Opti Chicks purchased four new hatching machines from Petersime in Belgium. These new breeding machines should increase the hatching capacity of the hatchery with about 20%.

Petersime is a world leader in the development of hatchery equipment. Their incubators are designed and built to maximise hatchery performance on a technical and economic basis annually. The expansion of the hatchery could have been done relatively cheap, seeing that no structural changes or expansions were necessary. This makes it possible to utilise the total egg production of the breeding farm.

Due to the difficult market conditions that this industry currently finds itself in – mainly due to high feed prices and imports of poultry meat – it is very important for the company to produce optimally and in this way decrease unit costs.

The new hatching machines are also equipped with the latest technology available. Since the previous installation of the hatching machines, several improvements have already been made to the machines.

According to Jaco Viljoen (manager: Opti Chicks) they are excited to see the effect of this on improved efficiency and quality. “We trust that the new technology will also benefit our customers,” Viljoen said.

Click here to visit the Opti Chicks website.


Manager: Jaco Viljoen
  • Tel: +27 18 633 1356
  • Cell: +27 71 687 2246
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Financial manager: Elmarie Brenkman
  • Tel: +27 18 632 0336/9
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Hatchery manager: Rolf Freitag
  • Cell: +27 82 745 2182
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Technical advice and marketing manager: Rina Botha
  • Cell: +27 82 828 6360
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