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Epko Oil Seed Crushing Proprietary Limited


Louis Dreyfus Commodities Africa (Pty) Ltd and NWK enter into edible oil joint venture

11 February 2015: Global agri-business leader Louis Dreyfus Commodities and agribusiness NWK Ltd of Lichtenburg are expanding their partnership through EPKO, a sunflower seeds crushing plant based in Lichtenburg.

Epko Oil Seed Crushing was established in Lichtenburg in 1997 as a full subsidiary of NWK, with the purpose of processing sunflower seeds. Louis Dreyfus Commodities Africa (Pty) Ltd, following a tolling agreement with EPKO for the past four years, has now acquired 50% of NWK’s shares in the company. The two shareholders have jointly agreed to modernize the plant and expand its capacity by mid-2016.

“The two partners bring complementary skills to the joint venture: Louis Dreyfus Commodities has extensive expertise in risk management and the merchandizing of edible oils, while NWK brings best-in-class local know-how in origination, storage, handling and industrial operations,” said Danie Marais, Managing Director of NWK. “These skills, combined with the plant’s favourable location and our solid expansion program, should bring EPKO on par with the most efficient plants of its category.”

This is the second joint venture between Louis Dreyfus Commodities and NWK, following their acquisition of NWK Agri-services in Zambia three years ago.

About Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Louis Dreyfus Commodities is a global merchandizer of commodities and processor of agricultural goods, operating a significant network of assets around the world. Our activities span the entire value chain from farm to fork, across a broad range of business lines (platforms). Since 1851 our portfolio has grown to include Oilseeds, Grains, Rice, Feed, Freight, Finance, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Juice, Dairy, Fertilizers & Inputs and Metals. We help feed and clothe some 500 million people every year by originating, processing and transporting approximately 77 million tons of commodities. Structured as a matrix organization of 6 geographical regions and 13 platforms, Louis Dreyfus Commodities is active in over 100 countries and employs more than 22 000 people globally at peak season. For more information, visit www.ldcom.com.

New corporate identity for Epko

Epko Oil Seed Crushing Proprietary Limited decided to revise its old logo after nearly 17 years since its establishment. The new modern logo is simple, yet original and is supported by the use of a slogan.

The new logo had to strengthen the image of Epko as a modern and respected role-player in the manufacturing of vegetable oil and also had to support its core values (stability, reliability and steadfastness). The slogan Enjoy nature’s best! was suggested.

During the creation of the new corporate identity the following information also had to be kept in mind:

  • The application and style of Epko/EPKO had to be consistent.
  • The application of the logo had to be standardised.
  • Epko is a full subsidiary of NWK Limited and during its establishment in 1997 its aim was to be an outlet for sunflower seed, to stabilise prices and to add value to the benefit of shareholders.
  • Epko mainly does business with other businesses.
  • The new logo had to be easily embroidered and had to be workable as far as its application on letterheads, faxes, memos and other official documents was concerned.

Logo rationale

The new logo denotes the energy that is situated within Epko’s core. The two elements are metaphors for the process, which is transparent, dynamic and continuous. The typography is strong, yet simplistic and appears to be industrial. The colours symbolise the plants, which represents the core business.

The application of the Oil Seed Crushing sets the logo apart and denotes the role that Epko plays in the market.


The by-products that are removed from the oil are known as soapstock and free fatty acids (FFA). The free fatty acids and soapstock are stored in tanks until it can be sold to factories that process it again, so it can be used in animal feed or in the manufacturing of biodiesel, paint, soap and window putty. Soapstock consists roughly of 50% water, 20% gum, 10% impurities and 20% oil. The soapstock is treated with sulphuric acid to recover some of the oil.


Contact Cobus van Rhyn (manager: Logistics) at +27 18 633 1604/5 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any enquiries about the availability and price of Epko’s oil products.


Epko is certified at SANHA as a Halaal supplier and at BETH DIN as a Kashrut supplier.

Certificate numbers

  • HALAAL: GP/FM/5700
  • KOSHER: JHBBD 2011/029058

The manufacturing of sunflower oil

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