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Liquid Fertiliser



General information

The Liquid Fertiliser plant has been operational since 1982 and supplies fertiliser to mainly grain producers. A wide variety of raw materials, such as urea, phosphoric acid, potassium chloride, ammonia and ammonium nitrate are used in the production of liquid fertilisers. All the standard fertiliser mixtures, as well as more specialised products are produced. A system of tanks, pipes and pumps is used to handle the relevant products.

A tanker truck conveniently delivers tanks at the producer's farm. The fertiliser can be administered with water via pivots, but can also be used on a large scale under dry land conditions, where the fertiliser is administered via planters.

Liquid fertiliser has the advantage of saving on labour, seeing that bulk handling is done by means of pumps and pipes.

Should you require dry fertiliser, please visit the plant nutrition page.

Here are a few interesting facts about the Liquid Fertiliser plant

  • Construction of the plant commenced in 1982 and the first product was delivered to Andries Beyers, of the farm Blaauwbank, Lichtenburg district, during September 1983.
  • A variety of raw materials, like phosphorus acid, ammonia, potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate, urea, as well as ammonium sulphate, are used in the manufacturing of liquid fertiliser.
  • The plant supplies approximately 20 000 tons of fertiliser per year to the more than 180 producers who utilise it, mainly during the summer planting season.
  • Approximately 15 product mixtures are manufactured at the pant, but almost any prescribed mixture can be mixed here.
  • Two mixing tanks are used, of which the smaller one’s capacity was recently increased from 8 tons to 13,5 tons. The bigger one’s capacity is 18 tons.
  • It takes between 40 to 60 minutes to manufacture a mixture, depending on the product.
  • Between 400 tons and 500 tons of fertiliser can be supplied to customers daily.
  • Liquid fertiliser is applied by customers themselves. It can be applied as top dressing before planting, during planting and after planting.
  • The great advantage of liquid fertiliser is that it saves labour due to the bulk handling thereof and it can also be applied accurately.
  • Customers of NWK Liquid Fertiliser have had access to technical field services since June 2012, which have been supplied by LDR, a specialist in this field, on a contract basis.

Exclusive service for liquid fertiliser customers

In accordance with a customer-oriented business philosophy, NWK entered into an agreement with LDR-Precision Farming Technologies (Pty) Ltd for the supply of field services. Customers of NWK Liquid Fertiliser will benefit substantially from this service, seeing that experience, expertise, labour and travelling cost will be provided free of charge. LDR is a specialised service provider of liquid fertiliser equipment, with a proven service record in agriculture. Customers are welcome to contact their NWK fertiliser marketer or the Liquid Fertiliser plant to discuss any service needs.

Christo le Roux will operate from Lichtenburg and be involved as service manager on farms and will later receive support from another service manager. LDR is contracted to provide the following services to customers of Liquid Fertiliser on behalf of NWK:

  • Customers will be visited before the plating season to ensure that their implements and equipment are in a good working condition. The necessary repairs will be done on parts of implements and equipment related to liquid fertiliser. The best quality equipment will be supplied to customers at competitive prices.
  • Needs assessments will be done on storage, handling and distribution equipment on the farm. The equipment will then be obtained and installed, to ensure that logistics and distribution run smoothly during planting.
  • A once off calibration of all liquid equipment will be done with the customer before planting, to provide customers with the necessary training that will ensure that they will be able to handle calibration by themselves in the future. During the planting process calibrations are checked on a continuous basis according to NWK standards.
  • During calibration and/or farm visits the placement of liquid fertiliser and ammonia will be monitored. The service managers, together with the marketers and agriculturists will see to the specific needs of the customers. In this way further value is added to NWK Liquid Fertiliser and specialised services are made available on the farm. The customer will also get an increased profitability on their yield due to the increased effectiveness.

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