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NWK Logistics has a diversified business with a variety of different commodities being transported on a daily basis. We transport the following:

  • Grain products (bulk and bagged: loading at silos and directly from farms)
  • Implements
  • Animal feed products (in bulk or in bags)
  • Edible oil products
  • Chicken eggs and day-old broiler chicks

Approximately 35 000 tons are delivered on average per month using our own truck capacity, while about 275 000 km are travelled each month.

The NWK Logistics fleet is growing year after year and the unique diversity of delivery equipment enables us to cater for a wide variety of different clients.

NWK Logistics as broker

NWK Logistics often uses external contractors to keep up with the excess transport work. The additional transport capacity strengthens our customer base and allows us to exploit new markets. This also enables us to service customers whose needs couldn’t be met due to the limitations of our own offloading equipment. Our broker function affords us the opportunity to transport raw materials from Durban for our Liquid Fertiliser plant and to make constant deliveries to various other locations.


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