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NWK Limited is a leading agricultural business that has been participating successfully in the grain and food value chain of southern Africa, mainly in the North West Province, for more than a century.

This innovative company transforms and grows together with agriculture in order to look after the needs of stakeholders and contribute to food security. The main objective of the group is to trade in agricultural and related products, aids and services at a retail level and to undertake associated activities. Backed by corporate principles and cooperative values we provide financing, agricultural inputs, grain market participation, advisory services and farming technology.

The addition of value to primary products by industrial and other subsidiaries and participation in, for example, the insurance industry and freight and logistics businesses, occur in accordance with NWK’s 2025 strategy. Partnerships and collaboration with local and southern African role players support the integration in the agricultural industry and the expansion of the group's geographic footprint.

NWK also participates actively in the upliftment and development of local communities and beginner farmers. As one of more than 1 000 participating companies on the African continent and one of only 77 companies in South Africa, the group has been nominated as a top employer several times after an independent audit.

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