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NWK Agri-Services


NWK Agri Services

In an effort to expand its Africa footprint even further, NWK Limited also invested in an established agriculture-related business in Zambia.

The transaction entailed the indirect acquisition of a 60% interest in Dunavant Zambia Proprietary Limited through its Netherlands-based parent company, AfricaNeth Coöperatief UA. The remaining 40% interest would be taken up by Louis Dreyfus Commodities (LDC).

The primary activities of Dunavant, which has been operational in Zambia for longer than ten years, are the processing of cotton at seven gins throughout the country. Cotton oil is also pressed on a small scale, with the resultant marketing of the cotton oil and cotton cake.

Dunavant Zambia has already started purchasing grain (maize and soybeans) during the past season and this is one of the strategic aspects upon which the focus will be in the foreseeable future. Trade stores where agricultural inputs and mechanised equipment will be sold on a limited scale have already been established. Additional processing of grain and involvement in primary agricultural activities are not excluded.

As from 1 October 2013 the name of Dunavant has changed to NWK Agri-Services.


NWK Agri-Services

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NWK Agri-Services (Zambia):
Chief executive officer:
Pierré Lombard



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