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Audit & Risk Committee


It is the responsibility of the audit and risk committee to ensure the integrity, that is, the accuracy and completeness of the financial information. In terms of this responsibility, it is the duty of the committee to review the financial statements, the interim financial statements, the abridged financial reports, the provisional announcements of results and any price-sensitive financial information that is issued for accuracy and completeness, and to check that the financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the prescriptions of the Companies Act, international financial reporting standards and the accounting policy of the company.

In discussing the financial statements the audit and risk committee assesses the significant estimates, assumptions and reporting decisions of management, obtains an explanation from management of the accounting treatment of significant transactions or transactions that have not been concluded in the ordinary course of business, and considers all the matters that, in its opinion, may influence management or any other party to present an incomplete or misleading image of the financial position and performance of the company or its subsidiaries. In the discussion of the financial statements, acquisitions and the recoverability of assets received particular attention.

Lemmer Vermooten


Report by the audit and risk committee 2015

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