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Managing sustainable development



NWK pays special attention to its relationship with the community, the environment and global pressures in its endeavour to attain sustainable development. Our business is therefore no longer limited to making a profit. We don’t regard sustainable initiatives as mere cost items, but as something that will benefit us in the long run.

In an effort to preserve the quality of life for future generations we intend to reduce the ecological impact and resources used during the production of goods and services progressively and in a cost effective way.

The NWK group has also adopted a formal environmental management policy in its efforts to meet the requirements of a responsible corporate citizen. This policy will ensure that environmental issues are dealt with uniformly. It will also empower the relevant person to take environmental management to a higher level.

The conservation of water and electricity remains an important objective, not only because of the attendant financial implications, but also for the sake of the responsible consumption of non-renewable resources.


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