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Corporate strategy & identity


NWK’s strategy

Strategy can be described as “the manner in which one achieves one’s goals through planning.”

Growth, differentiation and cost leadership are examples of overhead strategies.


  • Win-win relationships with our customers.
  • Define customer groups and deliver friendly, fast and cost-effective service.
  • “Brand” purchase/service experience.
  • Measure customer service.

Internal business processes

  • Processes/systems are effective, streamline, customised, timely, accurate and according to internal/external customer’s needs.
  • Focus on environment, safety and health aspects. Measured according to identified criteria.

Learning and growth

  • Optimal utilisation of personnel, by applying performance management, correct placement, exposure and investment in skills development and timely follow up planning.

Corporate Identity Manual

Our Colours

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Our Signature

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Our Stationary

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Our Style

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Our Typography

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Promotional Advertising

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