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Good seed quality that coincides with the climate and soil type is of utmost importance when it comes to seed selection. We supply producers with a wide variety of high-quality seed for virtually every crop that is grown in this area. Stringent quality requirements are met to ensure that the seed complies with the highest standards before supplying it to producers.

Sow the seeds of success

PANNAR SEED was established in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal in 1958 and is deeply rooted in South African agriculture. Our products are well-known for excellent yield performance and the production of high-quality grain/oilseeds. Today PANNAR cultivars are planted worldwide.

New plant varieties and high-quality seed are important drivers for the improvement of productivity. Through the integration of top products and innovative crop care and aftercare, PANNAR offers a complete risk management package for crop producers. PANNAR strives to add value to your farming activities through extensive advice-giving services. We are committed to progressive crop production.

New products:

The PAN crop range delivers excellent performance and stability for good risk management. Through practical research we provide appropriate farming solutions for tomorrow’s production challenges.

Maize hybrids:

The PANNAR SEED maize hybrid range consists of a formidable package of all the growth classes. This also includes hybrids from the BioGene™ stable from Pioneer Hi-Bred. These hybrids are the result of a joint effort of Pioneer Hi-Bred and PANNAR. These hybrids are exclusively marketed by PANNAR. PANNAR now also markets hybrids with the CB genes (stalk borer) and GT gene (glyphosate tolerance) from the Agrisure® stable. Agrisure® is the brand of the Syngenta Group Company.

BG 5485B

BG 5285, BG 5485B, BG 5685R and BG 5785BR: This medium-fast BioGene™ white hybrid has good stability, strong multi-cobbing and is recommended for all the production regions. This hybrid has an attractive plant type with good agronomic balance and exhibits good tolerance against Cob and Tassel Smut, Northern Leaf Blight and Diplodia Ear Rot.

PAN 5Q-751BR

PAN 5Q-751BR: This medium-fast stacked gene hybrid has good standing ability, strong multi-cobbing, with very good stability and compensation ability under diverse production conditions. It is recommended for both the Eastern and Western Highveld. It has good general agronomic characteristics, with good tolerance against Northern Leaf Blight, Rust and Diplodia Ear Rot.

PAN 6Q-345CB

PAN 6Q-245, PAN 6Q-345CB and PAN 6Q-745BR:
The hybrids are similar to the top performer PAN 6Q-445B. They have very good stability and compensation ability under different production conditions. Good characteristics include good standing quality, strong multi-cobbing, as well as good Diplodia Ear Rot and Gray Leaf Spot tolerance.

PAN 3Q-240: The ultra-fast yellow hybrid delivers a very good performance under high-potential dryland areas and irrigation and is well adapted to all production regions. With effective chemical control of stalk borers, it competes well with the Bt and BR hybrids.

BG 3292, BG 3492B, BG 3592R and BG 3792BR:
The complete ultra-fast range BioGene™ yellow hybrids deliver good performance in PANNAR’s perennial results under irrigation for the past three years. They have very good stability and good standing ability. The hybrids are agronomically well-balanced and exhibits good tolerance against Rust and Diplodia Ear Rot.

BG 4296: The fast conventional yellow hybrid delivers a very good performance and is well adapted for the eastern production regions that include KwaZulu-Natal. This hybrid performs just as well as the Bt and BR hybrids with effective stalk borer control.

PAN 3Q-222: The fast conventional yellow hybrid delivers a very good performance and is well adapted for all the production regions under dryland and irrigation. It delivers high-quality grain with a reddish colour.

PAN 4P-228: The fast conventional yellow hybrid delivers a good performance and is well adapted for the eastern regions, KwaZulu-Natal included.

PAN 6Q-408CB: This medium yellow hybrid with stalk borer tolerance has an excellent performance record in especially the eastern production region and is particularly widely adapted, with very good stability. This hybrid has good standing ability and strong multi-cobbing. PAN 6Q-408CB is fast out of the blocks and dries quicker than the dependable PAN 6Q-308B. This hybrid is recommended as main plantation.

Sunflower hybrids:

The sunflower hybrid package is now supplemented with the PAN 7080, a top performer in the ARC national trials. PAN 7086HO is a new high-oleic acid hybrid for the production of high-quality, healthy oil. A new Clearfield® hybrid, PAN 7095CL that provides an alternative weed control system for post-emergence control of grass and broad leaf weed, is also available.

Red speckled sugar beans:

The red speckled sugar bean package is supplemented with three new cultivars. PAN 9292 and PAN 9281 are similar to PAN 116 and have upright growth habits. They are well adapted for the North West and Mpumalanga production areas. PAN 9213 is a replacement for PAN 128 and is a multipurpose dry bean that will become very popular.

Irrigation wheat:

The wheat package has two excellent spring type cultivars, PAN 3471 and PAN 3478 that were specifically developed for cultivation under irrigation. The past season the cultivars were cultivated under commercial circumstances for the first time and delivered excellent yields. A definitive choice for the irrigation farmer.

PANNAR SEED is committed to the challenge of agriculture to feed billions more people in Africa and elsewhere in the world in the coming decades by means of improved cultivars and supporting expertise.

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