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Agricultural Management Services



With mounting pressure on producers to increase production, amidst climate and macro economic uncertainties, a variety of expert partners is needed. NWK Agricultural Management Services provides agricultural and economic services to producers to equip them with valuable decision-making information. This leads to a decrease in farming risk and an increase in the material welfare of the producer.

NWK Agricultural Management Services provides:

Mapping services

  • A variety of farm maps and utility maps.
  • High-quality prints in various sizes, formats and preferences are available.

Precision farming

  • To evaluate the quality of  natural resources and to link this to geographical positions, so that they can be managed with greater care.

Soil science

  • Support the producer to use, cultivate, fertilize and manage his land optimally.


  • Advice on a variety of crop production issues are provided such as crop rotation, fallow systems, minimum tillage, crop and cultivar choices, weed control, disease control and yield estimates.

Animal science

  • Pasture and herd planning, help with breeding and selection of appropriate genetic material, fodder flow planning and herd management programs.
  • Processing of animals is also available.


  • Information on water consumption, evaporation, salt tolerance of crops, soil water-holding capacity and scheduling of irrigation cycles.


  • Dealer of a select range of agricultural software applications.
  • Advice on the suitability of the relevant software, installation and training in its use as well as additional support is provided to producers.

Agricultural Development

  • The focus of agricultural development is to support new, especially young entrants in relation to the difficult process that involves the initial access to appropriate mentors, relevant information and  support processes.

Agricultural Economics

  • Production cost norms, the provision of rental and land values ​​and drawing up of mechanisation cost norms.
  • Feasibility studies, drafting business plans, evaluating the profitability of production enterprises and contractor compensation.
  • Study groups.
  • Financial comparison service, inputs on financial record keeping.

Contact details

Enquiries about NWK Agricultural Management Services' products and services can be directed to the Manager: Agricultural Services.

  • Contact nr: 018 633 1143
  • E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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