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Cutting edge expertise, service and products, refined by more than a century’s experience in the business of agriculture, from a modern company that has evolved with the times to cater for its clients’ diverse needs in a mutually enabling environment of cooperative culture.

If we should further analyse this statement, it means that NWK takes the lead, sets the example, or is a model where EXPERTISE, SERVICES and PRODUCTS are concerned. A modern company refers to a company that belongs to the here and now, that is up-to-date, modern (contemporary) also where its expertise, services and products are concerned. It proactively adjusts to the times to satisfy its consumers’ needs. This is done in a spirit of cooperation.


NWK – your dynamic partner in a changing business environment.


NWK provides market-oriented expertise, products and services in the southern African business environment to help create wealth through dynamic leadership; excellent staff; client orientation; innovation; sustained growth; technological development; investment in integrated and diversified industries, as well as a positive role in the community.


  1. Integrity and reliability
  2. Client orientation
  3. Co-responsibility in the workplace and community
  4. Positive work climate through mutual respect, teamwork and communication
  5. Sustained improvement and innovation


  1. To grow sustainably
  2. To focus on low costs and effective practices
  3. To communicate effectively with all stakeholders
  4. To function with a customer orientation
  5. To apply dynamic, innovative leadership and employ excellent staff


Primary agriculturists, all consumers, grain processors, businesses and government institutions.


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